The Heilborn Family

At present there are 145 descendants of which 37 in the United States.

Henrik Heilborn

Henrik (Heyman) Heilborn

The family came to Sweden around 1805 with Henrik (Heyman) Heilborn (sometimes spelt Heijlborn).
He was a private tutor. Henrik1776-1852 was born in the city of Rosenberg in Silesia.
He belonged to the so-called Breslaubranch, which is said to be traceable to Germany as far back as the 14th century.

Henrik was married around 1820 to Jeanette Benjamin (1787-1838) . She originated from Hamburg. The family lived mainly in Stockholm. Henrik made big contributions to society. He organized food delivery systems at regiments, prisons and other public establishments.
Henrik also started low-prize restaurants in Stockholm in order to provide good food to poor people. Henrik also initiated ways to create better social security for craftsmen who had lost their income because of illness.

Henrik och Jeanette had four children. Oscar (1825-1902), the twins Daniel (1827-1870) and Frans (1827-1898) and Emma (1829-1916). Daniel was the only one who married.
All members of the family are descendants from him and his wife Emilie.

Henrik had good relations with the royal family. The crown prince Oscar, later king Oscar I, was Godfather to Henrik's oldest son.
All three boys were christened at the Stockholm Cathedral in 1827.

Oscar moved as a young man to Marseilles where he became successful as an importer of woodproducts. He was interested in art and procured an important collection of French paintings, which he bequeathed to the National Museum in Stockholm.  Picture of Oscar

Frans became an architect and worked intensively for a few years on the Swedish west coast. Many of the buildings he designed are
still there.  Picture of Frans

The crown prince Oscar's Godfathership meant a possibility for Oscar to join the military school at Karlberg Castle in Stockholm.
This opportunity was given to

Daniel, who became a naval officer. His career was not only in the navy but also involved commercial shipping.

Emma was sent to relatives in Hamburg after her mother's death. Later she returned to Sweden and lived for many years with Daniel's widow.

Daniel was married to countess Emilie Cronhielm af Hakunge (1832-1913).

Daniel Heilborn

Daniel Heilborn

Emilie Heilborn

Emilie Heilborn

Four of the couple's children formed families of their own:
Otto, Emil, August and Herman

Picture of Herman, August and Emil

Members of all these branches are still living today.

In the book "Släkten Heilborn under två sekel" (only in Swedish)
you will find the family history during two centuries.
It can be ordered from the treasurer.

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